Modern Eclectic restaurants in New York

Boerum Hill

Chance (Modern Eclectic)


AZ (Modern Eclectic)
East of Eighth (Modern Eclectic)

East 40s

Delegates' Dining Room (Modern Eclectic)

East 60s

California Pizza Kitchen (Modern Eclectic)

East Village

Graffiti Food & Wine Bar (Modern Eclectic)

Financial District

Route 66 Cafe (Modern Eclectic)

Flatiron District

Punch (Modern Eclectic)

Greenwich Village

Shopsin's (Modern Eclectic)
Terra 47 (Modern Eclectic)

Long Island City

Riverview (Modern Eclectic)

Lower East Side

Schiller's (Modern Eclectic)


Public (Modern Eclectic)

Staten Island

Carol's Cafe (Modern Eclectic)


Trinity (Modern Eclectic)

West 40s

B. Smith's Restaurant Row (Modern Eclectic)

West 50s

Whole Foods Café (Modern Eclectic)
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