Japanese restaurants in New York


Hana Cafe (Japanese)
Hibino (Japanese)


Matsuri (Japanese)
Momoya (Chelsea) (Japanese)


Big Wong (Japanese)
New Bo-Ky (Japanese)
Pho Viet Huong (Japanese)
Yaya Tea Garden (Japanese)

Cobble Hill

Osaka (Japanese)

East 40s

Inagiku (Japanese)
Katsu-Hama (Japanese)
Kuruma Zushi (Japanese)
Riingo (Japanese)
Sushi Yasuda (Japanese)

East 50s

Nippon (Japanese)
Sushi Ann (Japanese)

East 60s

Geisha (Japanese)
Kai (Japanese)
Sushi Seki (Japanese)

East 70s

Shabu-Shabu 70 (Japanese)

East 80s

Donguri (Japanese)
Ichiro (Japanese)
Ota-Ya (Japanese)
Poke (Japanese)
Yuka (Japanese)

East Village

Hasaki (Japanese)
Jewel Bako (Japanese)
Koi (Japanese)
Kyo Ya (Japanese)
Lan (Japanese)
Le Miu (Japanese)
Sandobe (Japanese)
Sapporo East (Japanese)
Shabu-Tatsu (Japanese)
Sobaya (Japanese)

Flatiron District

Mizu Sushi (Japanese)
Vela (Japanese)

Gramercy Park

Bao Noodles (Japanese)
Choshi (Japanese)

Greenwich Village

Japonica (Japanese)
Sumile (Japanese)
Tomoe Sushi (Japanese)
Yujin (Japanese)

Lower East Side

Cube 63 (Japanese)


Hatsuhana (Japanese)
Kobe Club (Japanese)
Megu - Midtown (Japanese)
Momoya (Amsterdam) (Japanese)
Morimoto (Japanese)
Ono (Japanese)

Murray Hill

Hakubai (Japanese)
Iron Sushi (Japanese)
Minado (Japanese)
Mishima (Japanese)


Bond St (Japanese)


Mottsu (Japanese)


Honmura An (Japanese)
Kelley & Ping (Japanese)
Omen (Japanese)
Sui (Japanese)


Megu (Japanese)
Ninja (Japanese)
Nobu (Japanese)
Nobu, Next Door (Japanese)
Rosanjin (Japanese)

Union Square

15 East (Japanese)
Japonais (Japanese)
Republic (Japanese)

Upper East Side

Sushi Of Gari (Japanese)

West 100s

West 40s

Kodama (Japanese)
Sushi Zen (Japanese)

West 50s

Sugiyama (Japanese)
Sushiya (Japanese)

West 60s

Masa (Japanese)

West 70s

Ivy's Cafe (Japanese)

West 80s

Fujiyama Mama (Japanese)
Haku (Japanese)
NŽo Sushi (Japanese)
Roppongi (Japanese)

West 90s

Yuki Sushi (Japanese)

West Village

Aki on West 4th (Japanese)
Miyagi (Japanese)


Planet Thailand (Japanese)
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